Allowing organizations to automate their workflows associated with the collection of patient surveys and outcomes.

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Specialty specific patient reported outcome measures.

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    Automate Survey Delivery

    Rules-based campaigns will allow you to define the events that trigger when a survey is sent.

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    Customized Surveys

    Drag and drop design tools allow you to easily design any survey type with the ability to define weighting and scorecards.

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    Reports & Benchmarking

    Robust reporting and benchmarking allows you to analyze your data at the patient, provider, and organizational levels.

Registry Data.

Provides the ability to submit data to an array of specialty specific public health registries – in some instances we provide access to data from various registries.

Patient Reported Outcomes.

SurveyPRO provides an extensive library for all specialty specific patient reported outcomes as well as PROMIS health measures.

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