Health Information Exchange (HIE).

A Single Platform for Patient Engagement and Health Information Exchange.

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A Smart HIE Solution.

  • Connector.

    Standardized Patient-Centric Registry

    Enables the view of data from all healthcare settings in a given system as if it were stored in a single patient registry.

  • Connector.

    Vendor Libraries & Data Formats

    Through a variety of methods and protocols, we can exchange data with virtually all acute care and ambulatory care EHR systems.

  • Connector.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Quality care initiatives offer the opportunity to produce additional revenue, which is why our environment provides everything needed to meet reporting obligations.

360-Degree View.

InteliChart gives a complete 360-degree view of your patients’ data,
while also enabling your patients to view all of their clinical data through one convenient online source.

Vendor APIs.

Proprietary APIs, web services, and interface technology enables InteliChart to collect and exchange health data with virtually any acute or ambulatory EHR system.

Empowering EHR companies, hospitals, physicians, and patients.