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Preview! Our Upcoming MIPS Whitepaper

We’ve been surveying and collecting data from healthcare providers, healthcare IT professionals, and EHR vendors for the past month to understand how the industry views and understands MIPS. Understanding this shift is very important for all of those in healthcare – it is a true paradigm shift. To help with that, we’re putting together the findings in a whitepaper to share with all of you. So, what can you expect when the whitepaper releases next week?

Being up-to-date on all the MIPS requirements

Keeping up with all of the MACRA legislation requirements is tough. Whether that means you are reading updates via social media, industry publications, or blogs, you need to stay up-to-date. Maybe even reading the actual legal requirements normally reserved for lawyers. How will the healthcare professionals we surveyed fair?

Meeting the core requirements under MIPS

We wanted to know if the industry at large views themselves as able to meet the core requirements under MIPS.  It’s one thing to know the legislation, it’s another thing to be ready for those changes. Or to even understand how to prepare for all of those changes.

Understanding the negative payment adjustments and potential bonuses

This is a fundamental shift. The shift to value-based care can have a significant impact on healthcare provider finances. Is this impact truly understood? These numbers can fall in a wide range, so understanding where you fit, and why, is important. If you want to improve, that is.

The technology for patient population health management or MIPS management

So far, we’ve learned if healthcare professionals understand these changes. We wanted to know how many of those actually have a solution that enables them to succeed in the value-based care world. Healthcare IT will be key for maximum performance. This isn’t something that you can just leave to chance with your current healthcare IT stack. You need a dedicated solution.

The automation of population health management

Sure, having technology is great, but some technologies might require such intensive effort that the value isn’t there. That’s why we needed to know if healthcare professionals have a solution that enables automated population health management (like Healthy Outcomes). Scaling and helping to improve the health of an entire patient population requires some level of automated technology.

Those questions will all be answered. Check back next week (or click here – it’s live now) to download the whitepaper to see how your thoughts and preparedness compare. We also left a blank space at the end for any comments. Here is our favorite “employed physicians do not know much about this”. That’s why working with a partner that has the technology and understanding is so important! You can’t know everything, but you can supplement your knowledge with the right partner.

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