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Looking for a Patient Portal Partner? Follow These Six Tips.

Are you getting the most out of your patient portal? Do you have the resources to maintain the portal and bring forth new features? These are things you should consider when evaluating your patient portal. At InteliChart, we’ve been delivering our solution to healthcare providers and EHR vendors (with white-label abilities) for over a decade.

With that experience, we believe that partnering to deliver your patient portal solution, either as a healthcare provider or EHR vendor, is the right choice. Of course, that doesn’t mean that just any patient portal will do. There are some things that you should think about while evaluating potential partners. Whether you are a healthcare provider or EHR vendor, these criteria should still be evaluated.

How easy is it to implement?

It goes without saying, but you should consider the time and resources that it takes to implement any patient portal. If you’re a healthcare provider that means understanding your current technology stack and how any partner patient portal can integrate. Is there an existing integration pathway with your EHR (for reference – InteliChart is integrated with GE Centricity, Greenway, Allscripts, and NextGen with more to come)? As an EHR, what is the development time it will take to integrate to your existing products? With InteliChart you can integrate through our single API.

Will patients actually use it?

Having the technology is great. Will patients actually use it though? That comes down to the features and UX. Some organizations build features that they think patients want. Some organizations spend a lot of time on UX to the detriment of building actual functionality that patients are looking for. We keep our pulse on the healthcare industry, so we stay abreast of the latest trends. We also spend resources on UX to ensure that any features we build are a delight to use. It’s a delicate balance.

What does the support look like?

We’re talking both professional services and development support. As a healthcare provider, you need to know if your patient portal partner will be available to help with tech support and issues. As an EHR vendor, you need to know if it will be a true partnership as opposed to a one-sided effort. Not only do you want to know if people are available to help with issues, but are there development resources available in the event they are needed? You need both.

Do they have success stories?

Anyone can claim to have a great patient portal. Do they have actual customers that you can talk to? If so, you can ask them the more candid questions and ensure you are getting a real response. Check out some of the partners we work with.

What about ONC certifications?

With the continued shift to value-based payments through MACRA/MIPS, the effort needed to keep up is growing exponentially. It’s not going to slow down anytime soon. You need to know their current certification, certification plans, certification history, and how many measures they certify for. InteliChart certifies for a full 21 measures, which goes above and beyond other patient portal partners. We do this because we recognize the significant development effort associated, and we would rather enable our partners to focus on what they do best.

What else do you get?

You’re going to spend time and money on this patient portal, but is that all you get? Are other products available via the same integration? As in, if you build to this portal, will you be able to just turn on other product offerings? With InteliChart, the answer is yes. You can turn on our entire patient engagement suite if you’d like. Population health management, automated patient notifications, and automated patient surveys. It’s an entire suite that doesn’t increase the workload.

These are just some example of things to look for in a patient portal partner. By no means is this an exhaustive list. These decisions are complex and require a lot of conversation. Check out some of the specifics of our patient portal. Then, let us know how we can work with you.

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