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Introducing David Health & The New InteliChart Solutions

Since I’m new around here, we thought I should do a quick introduction. InteliChart asked me to come on board and be their “voice”. You’ll still hear from our CEO, Gary Hamilton, of course, but I’m here to help educate the healthcare world on a wider variety of topics of interest to HIT companies, healthcare providers, and even patients.

InteliChart has also been doing a bit of soul searching lately. Primarily a patient portal and HIE company in the past, we’ve decided to grow with the goal of empowering healthcare technology to improve outcomes for patients. To that end, we’ve released a few new products. These products – Healthy Outcomes, SurveyPRO, Notify – all complement our patient portal and are available through our existing API. That means, if you are an existing partner, you can turn these products on without any extra work. If you wish to become a partner (for any one of our products), you can have access to all from a single development effort.

Let me tell you a bit about our full product suite.

Enterprise Patient Portal

Our patient portal has long been our main area of focus. The ONC certifications we achieve (a full 21 measures) go above and beyond other patient portal providers. We do this because we want our partners to be successful, and we also understand the development time and efforts these take away from other areas of focus. It is our desire to help our partners offload that burden.

Healthy Outcomes

Arguably our most exciting new product. This population health management tool is industry-leading in improving patient population outcomes. It starts with robust patient population identification. We’re not talking just identifying certain high-risk patients, we mean any patient population. The possibilities are endless (and, trust me, I had a lot of fun with sample populations).

Here’s where things get interesting, we enable powerful automated interventions. This means you can save time and money while reaching even more patients. No longer do you have to focus your efforts only on high-risk patients. You can focus on those close to becoming high-risk, and ultimately, mitigate that scenario for the patient. With the shift to value-based care and MIPS, this tool is incredibly powerful.


In the continued effort to improve patient engagement and outcomes, we’ve built SurveyPRO. SurveyPRO automates the collection of patient surveys and patient reported outcomes (PROs – see what we did there?). This helps to ensure that your patients are happy and healthy. SurveyPRO works well to collect some data that feeds back into the patient portal, Healthy Outcomes, and Notify.


Lastly, we’ve developed a solution to help drive staff efficiency while decreasing missed appointments. Not all automated patient notification solutions are created equal. Notify allows for specific notification types based on patient demographics. Not everyone wants to receive a text message. We have options for those folks such as mail or email. No one is left out or feeling like they must accept a more intrusive communication method than they’d prefer.

InteliChart is continually identifying new product opportunities that will support our mission of improved patient engagement and outcomes. That means you should expect even more product features and new product releases in the years to come. All of which will be available through our single API. To learn more about partnering with InteliChart for any of our products, reach us through our contact page.

As for me, I hope to provide some education, information, and entertainment along the way.

You can interact with me on the InteliChart Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

In Good Health,

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