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I’m an EHR Vendor. Why Should I Partner Instead of Building Myself?

The surging demand for patient-centric services and technology has led to a boom in healthcare technologies that compliment EHR systems including patient portals, population health management solutions, and patient communication solutions. Due to this explosive growth, many EHR vendors are wondering the best approach to partnering vs building these technologies in-house. Given that healthcare technology development and product has been our focus for over a decade, we know what it takes to develop some leading-edge technology that meets certification requirements for Meaningful Use. That’s why we’ve decided to lend our unique prospective to help you during your decision process.

The Customization Concern

Everyone needs to customize their product, and there is no better way than to build the product for yourself to your own specs. At least, that’s what people believe, and it ends up costing them in the long run. Look, everyone wants their specific functionality no matter how small, but what is the cost of development associated? Healthcare technology partners that know what they’re doing provide a great level of customization and white-label. With the right partner, you may be able to influence their roadmap for product features your users desire. This ensures a certain level of customization that makes everyone happy.

The True Cost

Building your own complimentary healthcare technology is expensive. Especially with all of the escalating regulations. Do you want to build a patient portal or population health solution just to check a box? You could. But at the end of the day, you spend all of that time and money on solutions you don’t have the bandwidth to support in the long-run. That’s where partnering comes in. Partnering with InteliChart will allow you to integrate a patient portal solution certified for a full 21 measures. Not only that, but for the cost of the development effort to our API, you also gain access to our full product suite. This ensures you can have a continued stream of new technologies to introduce to your partner base.

Qualified IT Resources

So, you have the resources in-house that CAN build you a patient portal or a population health solution that compliments your primary product. That doesn’t mean they should be focused there. There are more intricacies and requirements that must be considered. A partner, with the proper certifications, has the qualified technical resources with the in-depth knowledge required to successfully build products. Not only that, but partnering ensures these products will be supported and further developed. This is what they do best.

Planning for the Future

Healthcare is not static. You need to ensure your resources are focused on the future. Whether that means regulation changes, technology changes, or shifts in patient desires. As an EHR you need to be focused on your primary product, which means if you start building other healthcare technology solutions for yourself, you’ve split your focus and all of your products will suffer. A future-focused partner will allow you to rest assured that you will have new solutions that are in-demand.

If you consider these points, it makes sense to shift spend from building extra healthcare technology to partnering with a company like InteliChart to bring forward your patient portal or population health solution (and all of our future solutions – hint: preview coming soon). With one development effort to our API, your organization is able to white-label our current and future products.  With the savings, you can reinvest in your EHR product to ensure it is complete, compliant, and helping you and your users achieve a healthier population.

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