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Do You Have A Technology Solution That Enables Patient Population Health Management or Manages MIPS Performance? – Whitepaper Preview

We’ve already previewed what to expect in our MIPS survey whitepaper. And now, you can go see the full results for yourself! We are going to spend the next few weeks giving a more in-depth preview of each question, and why you should care about the results. Today, we are tackling the fifth question we asked which was centered around the prevalence of population health management technology among healthcare providers.

Do you have a technology solution that enables patient population health management or manages MIPS performance?

You’ll have to download our whitepaper to see how our (over 800) survey respondents responded, but we truly believe that having the right technology can enable truly powerful and effective population health management. Without technology, true population health management is difficult and costly. Plus, with the requirements of MIPS, technology is the key to maximum performance.

Many healthcare providers already have a stack of healthcare IT that they may or may not be satisfied with. Their patient portal may be adopted, but perhaps not. Their EHR may claim to offer population health management solutions, but do they really? The fact remains that healthcare providers are already wrestling with effectively leveraging their existing IT stack. When looking at your population health management plan, you should consider what technology you have, where the gaps are, and what solutions can address the gap.

We built Healthy Outcomes to enable true population health management, which is more than just patient notifications. Identification, interventions, tracking, reporting, and more. Healthy Outcomes was built leveraging our existing API the integration pathway with over 24 EHRs (with more on the way).

Check back as we continue to explore the survey questions. Next time we will look at the sixth question we asked, which centers around the technology adoption in the industry. This is the fundamental shift we’ve been talking about, so it will be interesting to dissect these questions. Don’t let this preview be the end of your journey though. Download the full whitepaper to see how your opinions compare!

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