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Are You Up-To-Date on MIPS? – Whitepaper Preview

We’ve already previewed what to expect in our MIPS survey whitepaper. And now, you can go see the full results for yourself! We are going to spend the next few weeks giving a more in-depth preview of each question, and why you should care about the results. Today, we are tackling the first question we asked that really set-up our understanding for the full survey.

Are You Up-To-Date on All MIPS Requirements and Components of the MACRA Legislation that Pertain to You?

You’ll have to download our whitepaper to see how our (over 800) survey respondents responded, but really this question is the critical first step to the whole survey. Like most regulations, things can be a bit complex, but there are plenty of resources out there to help you. Staying current with these resources is important in the event there are any changes that may impact you. Beyond staying current, we encourage healthcare providers to think about the opportunity that these changes represent for your business. Developing a strategy from your knowledge is key.

At InteliChart, we take particular care to stay up-to-date on changes in the healthcare industry. It is imperative to our business to ensure we are the best partner for EHR vendors and healthcare providers. Things like MIPS and MACRA have a significant impact on our direction, vision, and road-map. With our focus on staying up-to-date, our partners are always going to have new products and new functionalities for success.

If you have a partner that isn’t up-to-date on these changes, and what these changes really mean to your business, you may need to look elsewhere. Sure, you can have the knowledge internally, but if your partners are not setting you up for success, that knowledge won’t necessarily save you.

Check back as we continue to explore the survey questions. Next time we will look at the second question we asked, which was about healthcare professionals’ ability to meet the core requirements. The questions started out a bit simpler as to establish the base of where we stand. We are excited to share the full results with you! Let your networks know about this survey, so that they may download and see how their answers would compare.

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