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Are you aware that the 2017 payment difference between maximum negative and exceptional performance is 26% – Whitepaper Preview

We’ve already previewed what to expect in our MIPS survey whitepaper. And now, you can go see the full results for yourself! We are going to spend the next few weeks giving a more in-depth preview of each question, and why you should care about the results. Today, we are tackling the fourth question we asked which was meant to measure if the survey respondents had thought about how big the impact could be.

Are you aware that the 2017 payment difference between maximum negative and exceptional performance is 26%?

You’ll have to download our whitepaper to see how our (over 800) survey respondents responded, but the level of financial impact can be so large, we just needed to know if healthcare providers have taken the time to really run the numbers. As we’ve been saying, this is a fundamental shift, but even with regulation changes and delays, the fact remains that top performers stand to make huge gains. Especially in the early going, which sets them up nicely for the future as well. With the way providers get paid changing, it is imperative that we all take a look at what that means and how to maximize.

Many providers seem to be mostly concerned with avoiding penalties. Due to the perceived difficulties of implementing true MIPS initiatives, and technology partners that are not at all helpful. Many just build the bare minimum functionality, and they also provide minimal training to truly be helpful to their healthcare provider partners. Not so with InteliChart. Healthy Outcomes is a true population health management tool that enables providers to scale their efforts through smart automation. This means they aren’t just avoiding the penalty, but they have the opportunity to make maximum gains.

Check back as we continue to explore the survey questions. Next time we will look at the fifth question we asked, which centers around the technology adoption in the industry. Don’t let this preview be the end of your journey though. Download the full whitepaper to see how your opinions compare!

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