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Are You Able to Meet the Core Requirements Under MIPS? – Whitepaper Preview

We’ve already previewed what to expect in our MIPS survey whitepaper. And now, you can go see the full results for yourself! We are going to spend the next few weeks giving a more in-depth preview of each question, and why you should care about the results. Today, we are tackling the second question we asked to deepen our understanding of the participants.

Are you able to meet the core requirements under MIPS?

You’ll have to download our whitepaper to see how our (over 800) survey respondents responded, but gaining an understanding of their ability to meet the core MIPS requirements is critical to understanding the full results. There is so much to know and prepare for that being able to meet even the core requirements can seem like quite a feat for a lot of healthcare professionals.

Not only that, but it can be confusing whether or not you are actually meeting requirements. You have to rely on the right partners for the right technology to help you navigate the waters. That is why the InteliChart team puts in so much time to understanding the entire MIPS landscape. That way our partners can go beyond the core requirements and flourish in this new environment. It would be best not to leave it to chance that you can meet all of the core requirements that pertain to you. With the right partner, you can ensure someone is on your side helping you meet the requirements and succeed. Our healthcare IT solutions are meant to provide that real value to our partners.

Check back as we continue to explore the survey questions. Next time we will look at the third question we asked, which centers around the financial aspect and impact of MIPS. This is the fundamental shift we’ve been talking about, so it will be interesting to dissect these questions. Don’t let this preview be the end of your journey though. Download the full whitepaper to see how your opinions compare!

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